Ironman Bags Checklist

11 April 2018


Contains: Everything you need for the swim as well as what you want to wear after the
race. You do not need to use this bag if you have someone there to hold your stuff and
meet you at the finish. You hand this bag in on your way to the swim start.


 Wetsuit
 2 x goggles (A spare pair just in case)
 Ironman swim cap (provided in registration pack)
 Extra swim cap or swim hood if you like to use one underneath
 Fresh water to rinse goggles
 Vaseline, powder/or baby oil (if you use any of these with your wetsuit)
 Timing chip (provided in the registration pack – best put on before you leave your
 Safety pin or Insulating Tape (to secure the timing chip band – again best done
before you leave your room)
 Any nutrition to be taken before the swim
 Water or Sports Drink to sip up to the start
 Warm clothes to put on as soon as you have finished. Include tracksuit pants,
warm top/fleece and beanie. You will be likely to get cold very quickly because
you are wet and your body is depleted.
 Some form of recovery nutrition. Chocolate milk is usually well tolerated.

There will be a drop off zone where you leave your swim bag before you go down to the

NB If you are going straight from transition to swim start, you are not allowed to put a
floor pump in your swim bag. You need to mark it with your name and leave in the
designated area.


Contains : Everything you need for the cycle. Remember that your bottles and nutrition
will be put on the bike on the morning of the race in most cases.

Checklist :

 Cycling shoes (Unless leaving on your bike)
 Helmet with your race number sticker
 Socks
 Sunglasses
 Cycle Top if you haven’t swum with one
 Sunscreen
 Race belt with race number (Scrunch the race number so it sits better)
 Gloves
 Any nutrition that you have not put on your bike
 Towel (if you use)
 Bottle Water (to rinse the sea water out your mouth)
 Chamois Cream
 Small pack of tissues

When you have put your cycle stuff on, make sure your goggles and wetsuit are in the
bike bag. Mark your wetsuit with your name beforehand just in case.


Contains : Everything you need for the run.


 Running shoes
 Socks
 Cap or peak
 Face cloth/small towel
 Small pack of tissues
 Vaseline (if you use this to prevent chaffing on the run)
 Sunscreen
 Bottle Water
 Any nutrition you want to carry on the run

When you have put on your run gear, make sure all your cycle gear is in this bag. Mark
your shoes and helmet with your name beforehand.


Contains : Any extra nutrition or spares that you might want for the second lap of the
bike. Remember that you do not get this bag back so only put in items that you will
definitely use or are happy to discard.

Do not rely totally on this bag. If many athletes arrive at Special Needs at the same time,
there is a chance that you will not get your bag. If this happens, make peace with it,
move on and make use of the aid stations.

Some ideas but adapt according to your needs:

 Sports drink
 Water
 Bars/Gels
 Marmite or other savoury sandwich
 Baby potatoes or chips or pretzels
 Some kind of ‘treat’ that you can look forward to
 Vaseline
 Chamois cream
 Plasters
 Rennies
 Electrolyte tabs
 Spare tyre and bomb
 Spare contact lenses (if you wear)


Contains : Anything you might want while out on the run course. Again remember that
you do not get this bag back. Many people use it as an ‘insurance’ but do not pick it up.

Some ideas:

 Warm top (either plan to definitely stop or use an old one that you don’t mind
 Buff
 Fresh socks
 Vaseline
 Plasters
 Rennies
 Your ‘treat’ that you can look forward to