Getting Back in the Habit – The Struggle is Real!

24 July 2017
By: Michelle Mortimer (aka Morts)

IMSA 2017 race day is in the bag, all going wonderfully to plan thanks to good coaching and trusting the plan. Goal for the year: Check, but now what? Time for some well-deserved rest, relaxation and some time doing less structured fun endeavors after months of focused training. Dusted off the old mountain bike, that had been in hibernation for a few months. Managed to keep rubber side down, which is always a win, and found the love again. Little bit of trail running, explore the amazing outdoors we have been blessed with in little old SA.

Ironman training is a funny animal, you somehow get used to the idea that training 10 – 12 times a week is normal… turns out, to the majority of the general population this obsession is somewhat odd.Γ‚  That being said, there comes a time when you are ready to get back in the habit, because for a triathlete, one sport just simply isn’t enough.

This brings me to my current dilemma, getting back in the habit. Somewhere between April and now the Duvet has gained super human strength. The power with which it can hold me down in the morning would rival that of the Incredible Hulk. Turns out the alarm clock is jealous of the relationship I’ve developed with my bed over the off season as well. It tries it’s best to come between us as often as it can. BTW: if you hit snooze too many times, your alarm clock turns off. Who knew.

After having yet another inner monologue after an abandoned attempt to get up last week I have come up with the follow strategy:

  • Get the bike serviced. Those noises are not normal.
  • Find the other lost souls who have been on a break and convince them it’s time to hit those early morning hills sessions again.
  • Put alarm clock further away from bed so I have to actually get up to turn it off.
  • Climb on the scale, the fright from seeing the extra kgs will hopefully get my A into G.

Shortly the hills will be alive once more as Bob (Bob is the name of my road bike for those who don’t know) and I work our way through them. Thankfully I’ve still been swimming, so the pool should be less inclined to punish me more than usual. Well one hopes anyway. As for running, let’s just say it is an ongoing work in progress that I have a general love hate relationship with.

Bring on Summer, I miss rising with the Sun!